Kerr Present & Past

Year 2017 ~ 2018

W.M. – Bro. Bryan Currie
S.W. – Bro. Glen Snowball
JW – Bro. Gary McAloney
S.D. – Bro. James Drury
J.D. – Bro. Robbie Rail
I.G. – Bro. Mark Oatway
Chap. – R. W. Bro. Bevan Carrique
S.S. – Bro. Evan Bown
J.S. – Bro. Steve Erwin
Secretary – W. Bro. Grant Snowball
Tyler – W. Bro. Doug Crawford
I.P.M. – W. Bro. Robb Laundry
D. of C. – W. Bro. Shannon Blackmore
Treasurer – R.W. Bro. Douglas Conway
Historian – W. Bro. Peter Djokic
Organist – Bro. Christopher Wiwchar

Regular meetings at 7:30 p.m.

  • Third Thursday of each month except July & August

Emergent Meetings

  • As scheduled at the discretion of the W.M.  Refer to Summons for times and dates (usually 4th Thursday)
    Committee of General Purposes
  • Normally third Thursday before regular meeting at 6:30 PM. At 99 Morrow Rd. All members welcome.

99 Morrow Rd